Letters to the editor


From our edition on Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Positive feedback

Sir, – We’d like to thank Millcroft Road resident DW (letters page, September 26) for his kind words about the recent cleanup of the Millcroft and Greenrigg areas. The resident in question recognised the work which has recently been done in the area to tackle the long-standing litter and dumping problem.

Following our election in May 12 we’ve been working with the council and local residents to improve Millcroft Rd and Greenrigg Rd. The cleanup is the first fruits of this effort. But there’s much more to be done.

Once again, we appreciate the positive feedback and will continue to work hard with residents to improve the area. – Yours etc.,


Ward 3, Cumbernauld South

YMCA should invest

Sir, – The NLC flats being used as sublets to the homeless by YMCA are not permanent, nor secure to the homeless, as they are let on a short term assured tenancy. The four apartment flats are usually shared by two tenants paying around £370+ monthly giving the YMCA an estimated £740 a month (this amount taken from a history of three YMCA tenants in 2005, and will be much more in 2012). This is usually rented out to under 25s who are in receipt of housing benefit to ensure the rents are paid.

With this great profit one would think the YMCA could refurbish the properties themselves, and not leave it to community charges and NLC, especially as the tenants of these flats are not in a permanent home and NLC is only receiving a nominal rent for the dwellings.

I cannot get over this Christian association not realising they are responsible, like all tenants, for the interiors of their rented properties.

The YMCA also have properties on a rental basis from other local social landlords. Quite a landlord empire without the overheads. – Yours etc.,


Cumbernauld Citizens


Sir, – Brian Kenny of Abronhill is absolutely correct (Letters, last week). Cumbernauld is massively short changed by North Lanarkshire Council in the Schools rebuilding programme.

The council built 24 new schools (2006-2010) under PPP for £154 million (80 per cent Scottish Government funded).

Currently the council is self funding 12 new schools for £226 million, plus £38 million from the Scottish Government for Clyde Valley High and Greenfaulds High. These figures are from council finance department answers to my questions.

A £200 million third phase, 2013-2016 should build another ten schools.

So that’s £628 million for new-build schools, with £33 million coming to Cumbernauld (Greenfaulds) so far. That’s five per cent share of the cash and one school out of some 46 for a town with 20 per cent of the North Lanarkshire population - the largest in the Authority.

The Council’s own input totals £457m. Only a measly 2.4 per cent of this (£11m for Greenfaulds) is for Cumbernauld.

Eleven of the 34 schools renewed to date are no older than the six oldest schools in Cumbernauld.

North Lanarkshire Council is scandalously underfunding new build schools in Cumbernauld. It’s time the five ineffectual, silent Labour councillors in this town woke up and joined the SNP group’s call for an immediate new build at Cumbernauld High and a future new Abronhill High. We are long overdue a slice of the cake. – Yours etc.,