Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Here is the letters to the editor published on Wednesday, May 1.

Your new format seems to me to be modern, aggressive and in-your-face type of journalism and for me the jury is still out. Who knows, give it a few weeks and I may find that I like it. – Yours etc.,

Jim Clark

Sir, – Monday, April 29, 3.30pm, and I call in at our town centre post office for my pension to go shopping. No – once again a half day strike by the staff to complain about the threatening closure of the post office and the loss of staff jobs.

This is only a half day. What is the disaster looming for Cumbernauld when our post office is permanently shut?

Please support the public meeting on Friday, May 10, at 6pm in Muirfield Centre, Brown Road, Seafar. – Yours etc.,

Robert and Rene Stirling

Sir, – As a former pupil of Chapelgreen Primary School (original) and a past president of the Parent/Teacher Association (existing school), I respectfully point out that Chapelgreen Primary School is, and always has been, in Queenzieburn, pronounced Queenieburn. Please correct the error to assure all ex-pupils now away from the area that Queenieburn High School (my pet name) is still in the village.– Yours etc.,

John W Graham

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