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From our June 5, 2013, edition

Double yellow lines

Health centre plea

Sir, – I have occasion to visit the Central Health Centre in Carbrain Road twice a week with my mother who is in a wheelchair.

I am in constant fear getting into and out of the centre due to the number of private cars parked on the pavement and I have to push my mother’s wheelchair on the road. Not only are the cars parked on the pavement but there are double yellow lines on the road.

I have spoken to the people in the Health Centre, I have telephoned the NLC and also the police, but nothing is ever done to stop these drivers parking on the pavement. Surely the police should stop this as the drivers are breaking the law parking on the pavement and on double yellow lines.

Agnes Sweeney

Greenrigg Road


Adoption help


Sir, – Searching your family history and discovering your roots is of great interest to many people. However, for those who are adopted searching can be more complex, challenging and emotional.

People may like to know that the charity, the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) has recently updated its practical guide for adopted people “Tracing Birth Relatives” to help anyone searching for members of their birth family to do so as safely and effectively as possible. This free guide is full of invaluable information from how to get started on your search to advice on contacting relatives once you have found them. It also includes details of organisations throughout the UK who can help and support you with your search.

“Tracing Birth Relatives” can be found together with lots more useful information about search and reunion by visiting www.adoptionsearchreunion.org.uk

Julia Feast OBE

British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF)

6-10 Kirby Street

London EC1N 8TS