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From the Cumbernauld News, July 17, 2013


Sir, – I would, through this column, like to thank the kind gentleman who handed in my handbag which I left in the disabled toilet in Cumbernauld a week on Saturday. I am really very grateful. – Yours etc.,



SNP case

Sir, – You report Labour Councillor Bob Burrows stating that the SNP Group did not support his Council motion on seeking Bedroom Tax financial aid from the Scottish Government.

Councillor Burrows omits to mention that the SNP Group put an amendment fully supporting pursuing all efforts to lessen the effects of the Bedroom Tax, including for example, possible re-defining of accommodation.

The SNP amendment pointed out that the UK Labour leadership of Milliband and Balls now accepts the Tory welfare cap and would impose it for three years, if elected to power. It also stated that Labour MP Helen Goodman, a member of Labour’s National Policy Forum, said the Bedroom Tax should be applied if people had refused smaller homes.

Councillor Burrows is posing as campaigning against the Bedroom Tax in Scotland, while his actual UK Labour policy is to support the Tory welfare cuts.

The SNP amendment added a further political reality: the bedroom tax on under-occupancy is designed to suit overcrowded, high-rent London and Labour need to win seats in South-East England where (outside of London) they hold just 10 out of 197 seats. Labour ‘opposition’ to the Bedroom Tax is phoney. – Yours etc.,


Depute Leader, SNP Group, NLC


Sir, – I am writing to let your readers know that at Diabetes UK Scotland we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help co-ordinate a collection weekend at local Tesco stores.Hundreds of volunteers are needed to support the Big Collection weekend taking place at stores across Scotland on October 4, 5 and 6, 2013.

The collection weekend aims to raise £400,000 to support the 3 million people living with diabetes in the UK and help find the further 850,000 more who remain undiagnosed with Type 2.

The weekend is being organised as part of a major national charity partnership between Diabetes UK and Tesco. Volunteers can select three hour shifts, running from 9am until 6pm on October 4 and 5 and 10am till 4pm on October 6.

The Big Collection weekend in Tesco stores is a great way to inform customers about diabetes while raising money for Diabetes UK. But it is only possible with the support of people who give up their time - you will be making a real difference.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Big Collection weekend contact bigcollection@diabetes.org.uk

For further information on the Big Collection and to find your nearest store visit www.diabetes.org.uk/big-collection. – Yours etc.,


Diabetes UK Scotland