Lights project makes waves on Facebook

WAVE EFFECT: The lights at night.
WAVE EFFECT: The lights at night.

THE NEON waves are continuing to create stormy political waters in Cumbernauld.

A local group accessed a Freedom of Information document to establish their cost and put the figure, £967,503.25, on their website. Within minutes, Cumbernauld House Trust had some 30 irate messages on its Facebook page lambasting North Lanarkshire Council for wasting council taxpayers money – and the comments are continuing to flood in.

The display is intended to replicate the effect of driving through water in a reference to Cumbernauld’s original Gaelic name which means “meeting of the waters” – but it has attracted criticism because of its high cost.

This week trust members insisted that their Facebook page is a sounding board for a wider sense of discontentment which could even threaten to re-draw the political map at next year’s council elections.

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