Meeting over problem flats

Jamie Hepburn MSP
Jamie Hepburn MSP

Carbrain and Hillcrest Community Council is staging a meeting in the Baptist Church in Greenrigg Road on Wednesday (September 28) in a bid

to deal with reports of sub-standard rented flats in Greenrigg Road and Millcroft Road.

Owners of flats in these streets are said to have asked for support in their bid to deal with reported problems there, and “especially raised concernes regarding their factors and issues of communication”.

The meeting comes as local MSP Jamie Hepburn and MP Stuart McDonald assess the results of an online survey designed to find whether people agree certain flats are “dilapidated” or unsafe.

The community council meeting is at 7.30pm, and all owners and tenants are welcome to attend.

North Lanarkshire Council housing department has also been invited to send representatives.