Midnight hospital ordeal of arthritis agony patient

Disgruntled hospital patient Edward Jones who is angry at his treatment from an Airdrie taxi firm.
Disgruntled hospital patient Edward Jones who is angry at his treatment from an Airdrie taxi firm.
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A CUMBERNAULD Village man has been telling of his nightmare ordeal after being turfed out of Monklands Hospital in the middle of the night - despite being in excrutiating pain.

Edward Jones (60) of Main Street was taken to Monklands by ambulance after complications developed with implants placed in his toes to alleviate the symptons of arthritis.

After enduring an agonising three hours on a trolley, Mr Jones was told that he could not be kept in for the night and would have to find his own way home. That has prompted his GP, Dr Ricky Bawa, to make a formal complaint to the hospital.

Mr Jones said: “I wasn’t pleased that I wasn’t kept in and I wasn’t happy an ambulance wasn’t available. I then had to get a cab from an Airdrie taxi firm. My feet were bandaged and I could hardly move. Despite that the driver asked me for the money up front in case I ran away!’’

A spokesperson for NHS Lanarkshire said: “Due to patient confidentiality we cannot discuss individual circumstances.

“Outwith normal working hours the only transport available for patients is emergency ambulance and this is not appropriate for patients who have been discharged and are returning home.

“Transport can be arranged and paid for by NHS Lanarkshire, but this would only be in certain circumstances. Discretion can also be used if a patient informs the person arranging the transport that they will have difficulty. In exceptional circumstances, other arrangements can be made.

“NHS Lanarkshire does not have a contract with any specific taxi firm. We use local companies who can provide a quick and responsive service. We have not received any complaints about the behaviour of taxi drivers however we would be happy to explore the patient’s claims further if he would like to contact us”.