Mitch focused on next fight

Local professional boxer Mitch Prince
Local professional boxer Mitch Prince

cumbernauld-BASED professional boxer Mitch Prince is training hard for his next fight on June 1.

After spending some time outside the ring, Mitch made his comeback in March with a convincing points win over Lee Quinn which saw him named Boxer of the Month.

Mitch is appearing on a five-bout card at Rivals Gym, Newmains and the identity of his opponent is still to be confirmed, but whoever steps into the ring against Mitch Prince faces a fighter very unlike the one who lost to Stuart Green.

“With my new coach Jim Love I have developed a new style which emphasises speed and not getting hit,” said Mitch. “I’ll be showing off a bit, putting my hands down and trying to anger my opponent.”

That style sounds familiar. We ask Mitch if he’s out to emulate another punching Prince - Naseem Hamed.

“I wouldn’t compare myself to him but he’s definitely one of my idols,” said Mitch.

The new fighting style has seen Mitch radically change his training methods too. “I’ll always work on my power, but that’s not my key strength. I’m all about speed, so I’ve spent a lot of time doing resistance training, shadow boxing while held back by elastic. I’m also doing light, explosive weight training, to help me unleash energy in quick bursts.”

Mitch sees this fight as hurdle to clear on the way to his true objective, a rematch against Stuart Green.

“I very much want to clear my name from that performance,” said Mitch. “My coach Jim Love says I hadn’t prepared enough with just four weeks’ preparation. That certainly wouldn’t be the case in a rematch.”

Tickets for the fight night are £30 and can be purchased from Mitch Prince on 07912 963761. A chartered bus, £5 return, is also available and will set out from the Carrick Stone pub in Cumbernauld Town Centre.