More cash to encourage green vehicle use

North Lanarkshire Council's electric cars
North Lanarkshire Council's electric cars

MORE cash has been available to North Lanarkshire Council as the drive to encourage the use of electric vehicles continues.

The council is in line for a £256,000 injection from the Scottish Government.

It’s hoped this will help bridge the gap between the cost of petrol or diesel-powered vehicles and their electric or “low carbon” equivalents. The aim ultimately is to meet Scotland’s target of a 42 per cent cut in air-polluting emissions by 2020.

The money is part of a £4.2 million package to be distributed among Scotland’s 32 community planning partnerships.

And it follows last year’s £4.2 million which saw councils buy 145 low carbon vehicles, and install 74 charging points.

Alex Neil, infrastructure and capital investment minister, said: “This has the potential to support Scottish companies at the forefront of electric vehicle and battery production.”