Moves for memorial to Spanish Civil War soldiers

Spanish Civil War troops on the march
Spanish Civil War troops on the march

KILSYTH’S attempts to honour local men who fought in the Spanish Civil War are continuing – in a move which could bring a new memorial to the town.

A crucial treasure trove of information is to be shared by a specially formed group at a public meeting to be held in Burngreen Hall next Thursday (March 1) at 7pm.

The group has been spearheaded by Scottish Socialist Party members who want to create a lasting memento in Kilsyth to honour the contribution of those involved.

Meanwhile they have secured a guest speaker for next week’s meeting, who promises to shed more light on the conflict.

He is Bill Bonnar whose uncle Andrew Bonnar gave up his life for the struggle. The Glaswegian was among the thousands who perished at the battle of Jarama, 75 years ago this year.

The focus is lying very much on the local angle after an exciting discovery about two locals thought to have been involved in the conflict – which could bring the grand total up to five.

Spokesman Kevin McVey said: “It’s come to our attention that a man from Twechar was among those who volunteered. There is also news of a man who joined up while in London – but he is originally thought to be from this area.’’

His colleague Willie O’Neill said: “We want to honour their memory and remind people of the need for vigilance in countering the poisonous ideas of fascism and racism whenever they rear their ugly heads. The meeting is part of that process and we are delighted Bill has agreed to come along.

“We will outline the information we have at the meeting but are hoping that anyone who may have any further information, perhaps from stories within their family or from friends and neighbours, will come along too.

“Anyone who wants to find out more on this fascinating period in our history is more than welcome to attend.”