MP joins drive for Post Office support

Picture: Gregg McClymont
Picture: Gregg McClymont

A CUMBERNAULD and Kilsyth politician has backed calls for the Government to award a DVLA contract to the Post Office in the hope to secure local branches of the organisation.

MP Gregg McClymont believes the soon to be decided DVLA contract should be given to the Post Office.

He said: “The privatisation of Royal Mail by the current Government has put the future of local post offices at risk. The DVLA contract is crucial to securing a viable future.

“I have written to the Government explaining the local strength of feeling and I have asked for a meeting with the minister concerned.”

He added: “The decision on the big DVLA contract is due shortly and I am urging the Government to award it to Post Office. This contract is vital. Without it local Post Offices will really struggle in the future.

“Post Offices are a community service and Government should do all it can to ensure they prosper.”