MSP backs microchipping

Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell

Over 8,000 dogs euthanised each year because their owners cannot be found could be saved if dog owners ‘Chip it, Check it’ the Kennel Club and Margaret Mitchell MSP have highlighted.

The organisation, the UK’s largest dedicated to dog welfare, has said that by microchipping dogs and keeping personal details up to date, thousands of otherwise doomed dogs could be identified and reunited with their owners instead of facing possible destruction in the pound.

Central Scotland and Scottish Conservative MSP Margaret highlighted the importance of microchipping and checking contact details are up to date as part of the Kennel Club’s National Microchipping Month during an event in the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, aimed to raise awareness of the new ‘Chip it, Check it’ education campaign.

She said: “National Microchipping Month is an ideal occasion to highlight the many benefits of microchipping. Campaigns like ‘Chip it, Check it’ serve as a vital reminder to all pet owners to check that their information is up to date on the microchip database which will assist in reuniting owners with dogs that have strayed and will help to reduce the stress for both the dog and owner alike.

“Other important benefits include reducing the time a dog will spend in animal welfare establishments or local authority kennels leading to savings for local authorities and welfare charities.”