MSP’s bid to preserve town heritage

Former SNP councillor Willie Homer, left, and Jamie Hepburn MSP.
Former SNP councillor Willie Homer, left, and Jamie Hepburn MSP.

Historic murals embedded in the very fabric of Cumbernauld are set to be blown sky high when some of the town’s high flats are demolished.

And local MSP Jamie Hepburn is urging the housing association responsible to do its best to ensure the art isn’t lost along with the unwanted tower blocks.

The Town Artist Brian Miller installed his futuristic murals in the foyers of Sanctuary Housing blocks which, several decades later, are now scheduled for demolition.

The art is rendered in concrete, which would normally last “forever”, but the murals won’t survive explosive demolition.

Nevertheless casts have been made of the works, with a view to reinstating them in a suitable new location. Mr Hepburn wrote to Sanctuary after he was approached by former SNP councillor Willie Homer, who was concerned Miller’s work could be lost forever during demolition.

The MSP said: “I understand that Sanctuary Cumbernauld are examining alternative uses for the murals.

“I cannot think of a better use than recreating them and putting them on the same site when they build the new homes to replace the flats that are coming down.

“In this way they are ensuring that at least a small piece of what was there before is retained, blending the old with the new. “

His call comes just days after the News reported how an unassuming but emotionally-charged boulder in Kildrum – the Winching Stone – was shunted from its time-honoured site during building work for the new Muirfield Centre.

Now Mr Hepburn is keen to see that a reminder of the new town’s beginning is preserved.