Mud slinging in row over building site

Carbrain Gully mud problem
Carbrain Gully mud problem
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CARBRAIN residents are asking why diggers have been dumping mud outside the fence of the Sanctuary and City Building housing site.

Mud and clay have been left outside of the security fence surrounding the site, turning parts of the Carbrain Gully path into a dirt haven and raising safety concerns for children playing near the site.

Greenrigg Road resident, Bill Henry said: “I noticed it when I was out walking and I spoke to someone who stays near it. They said that they saw the workers opening the fence up and dumping the mud out of the perimeter of the fence, then closing it over again.

“There had been flooding in the gully recently, which the council fixed, but if it was to rain it could carry the muck from there and block the drains again.

“The building site must be big enough to dump it in there.”

A spokesperson for Sanctuary Cumbernauld moved to assure residents that the mud had in fact been placed outside the grounds in a move to adjust levels in that particular area.

The spokesperson said: “The spoil has been deliberately placed in this location as it is needed to adjust the levels in this part of the site. This forms part of the approved works and doesn’t breach the planning permission.

“We appreciate local concerns and have asked our contractor to ensure the walkway remains usable for residents.

“The gullies are being monitored and cleaned out by the contractor as and when required.”

Sanctuary added that the fence surrounding the building site does not define the borders of the site and is in place for security reasons.

North Lanarkshire Council confirmed it would be monitoring the situation and that residents should contact the council’s customer contact centre, on 01698 403110 if they have any concerns.

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