Mum of three in cold home plea

Fed-up Pamela Izatt in her youngest child's room
Fed-up Pamela Izatt in her youngest child's room

A CUMBERNAULD family are enduring plunging temperatures in their home because their landlord won’t upgrade their heating system until MARCH.

Single mum-of-three Pamela Izatt (30) lives in a flat in Auld Road which she rents from Sanctuary Cumbernauld.

Although there are two old electric heaters on the ground floor of the property, these were not replaced in line with others in the building as a previous tenant would not allow engineers access to the flat. The heaters fail to emit much heat during the day and do not operate at night.

Miss Izatt said that when she was offered the flat nearly two years ago she was told that she would receive new heaters but these never materialised.

She said she and her three young children struggled to stay warm, adding: “I can’t believe that in this day and age we have to live like this.”

A Sanctuary Cumbernauld spokesman said Miss Izatt’s home would be upgraded to gas in the spring.

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