Mum’s concern over steps hazard near school

The waterlogged steps leading to Balmalloch Primary School
The waterlogged steps leading to Balmalloch Primary School

A MUM in Kilsyth is urging that action be taken to stop water leaking on the steps at Balmalloch Primary, before a child is hurt.

The Kilsyth resident, who has asked not to be named, aired her concerns that come winter, water flowing from underneath the steps leading to the back entrance of Balmalloch Primary will freeze over and cause an accident.

The mum said: “The council were out recently to put drainage in but it seems inadequate.

“In the first frost of winter that will be an ice rink.

“It’s like a natural stream flowing from under the steps.

“The children run up and down those steps and if that was frozen over it’d be really dangerous.”

“There’s also a huge hole where the council took the wall away at the Academy.

“They dug it away and now it’s just a ditch.

“It’s horrendous and a disaster zone waiting to happen.”

Kilsyth Councillor Jean Jones said that there had been recent work at both sites but that if problems still persisted then she would take action to have it looked at again.

She added: “The wall at Kilsyth Academy had fallen down and the most important thing was to get it removed.

“I’ll get the council to come up and clear it out.

“There was drainage at the steps but I’ll also have that checked out.”

A spokesperson for NLC said: “Recent works to install drainage ditches on either side of the footpath at the school are under way.

“Once those works are finished, they should help to alleviate the issue of water on the steps.

“We will, however, carry out a further inspection and if more repairs are needed we will take whatever action is required.”

The spokesperson added: “Anyone who would like to report a problem like this one may do so via Northline, our customer contact centre, on 01698 403110.”