Mum’s plea for help for her disabled boy

Janis Love with son Brett Brough
Janis Love with son Brett Brough

A HEART-warming Christmas tale is unfolding in Kilsyth and it is up to our readers to decide whether it will have a happy ending.

Young Brett Brough, of Rennie Road, suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy, but the little things in life still make his day.

Simply going shopping with his mum, playing with his friends at Balmalloch Primary, or taking in some fresh air - activities most would take for granted – give the 10-year-old a great sense of satisfaction.

For Brett to enjoy basic mobility, he relies on two things: his state-of-the-art wheelchair and his Theraplay cycle.

But as would be the case with any growing boy, it was inevitable that Brett would get too big for the aids he heavily relies on. And to replace them will cost more than £3500.

Now a fund-raising event is to be held next week in a bid to raise the cash for the equipment.

Mum Janis Love said: “These items are specially made for disabled people – nothing for disabled people comes cheap. In the past I bought the bike myself but it’s just so expensive it’s hard to get funds together, especially as I’ve had to give up hours at work to look after Brett.”

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