Mystery of mangled car

The wrecked car on Cumbernauld's Glasgow Road
The wrecked car on Cumbernauld's Glasgow Road

A TRASHED car has been abandoned near Glasgow Road since Hogmanay.

Motorists and members of the public have spotted the dark blue Renault on the grass at the bottom corner of Glasgow Road with severe damage to the driver side door and wheel.

Police confirmed that the vehicle had been involved in a road traffic accident at New Year but that there was no suggestion of foul play or alcohol having been involved in the incident.

It is presumed that a back log of similar incidents throughout Scotland may be a possible reason as to why the car still remains on the grass verge as insurance companies and their pick-up contractors struggle to deal with the number of crashes.

However, police also confirmed that as the car is not on the road or obstructing traffic, there is no immediate need for it to be removed, the responsibility of which lies with the insurance company.