New Kilsyth park action group takes shape

Friends of Bogside Park gather at the Kilsyth park.
Friends of Bogside Park gather at the Kilsyth park.

THE newly formed Friends of Bogside Park group are planning a special community ‘Fun Day’ to both mark their inauguration and raise awareness of their cause.

At a meeting of the fledgling group last Thursday, held pointedly in the park itself, officer bearers were elected and possible future projects discussed.

Liz Paterson (48) was elected chairperson, Cheryl Anderson (26) was chosen as vice-chairperson, Keila Singh (26) became secretary and Claire Gallagher (28) will be treasurer.

Bill Craik, who heads the Beautiful Kilsyth organisation, led the proceedings as a co-opted member.

He said: “As part of Beautiful Kilsyth I hover about certain community organisations to see what I can do to help get things up and running.

“Over a period of years they could have a lovely park here to come and enjoy and it could also expand out into the likes of the area which is currently in private ownership.”

Bill added: “What you have to do now is take care of the small things and build your reputation up. If you can achieve the ‘Fun Day’ and get some bulbs and shrubs planted you will be doing exceptionally well for your first year.

“What you should also do as well is go around the houses in Kirklands Crescent, Bogside Road, Howe Road and Fisher Avenue and deliver letters introducing the group and stating what the aims are.”

A constitution was ratified to govern the activities of the Friends group, which sets out a number of key objectives. These are to: promote social welfare and community life; provide opportunities for education and training; work in partnership with the local community and other voluntary groups; engage in any suitable charitable activity; and protect and enhance the natural environment.

Top of the Friends’ priority list is to organise their ‘Fun Day’, potentially on Saturday, August 13, to remind Kilsythians of times past when the park regularly hosted major community events.

Cheryl Anderson, vice-chairperson, said: “We’re going to have stalls for community groups and games for the children. The One Band have agreed to perform and we’ll hopefully have some other music as well.

“It’ll help us to raise funds for different projects and things that we would like to do in the park.”

Secretary Keila Singh added: “We’ve spoken to the police and they said it would have to be approved, but they don’t see there being any problems with it going ahead.”