Nicola brings joy to those around her

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This week’s Smile Awards nominee is 22-year-old Nicola Ash from Westerwood, who was nominated by Eileen McPhillips of Seafar.

Nicola is the girlfriend of Eileen’s son Ryan and it is clear that Eileen approves of his choice of partner.

Eileen’s nomination reads: “Nicola brings laughter to wherever she goes. She has a beautiful smile and when she is not smiling she smiles - with that she has a positive attitude and doesn’t let anything get her down. She is a blessing in my family’s life.”

Nicola, who attended Cumbernauld High School, works as a customer services advisor with Scottish and Southern Energy. She said: “I didn’t know Eileen had nominated me so it was a bit of a surprise but it’s nice to think that other people think of you that way.”

Nicola believes that a positive attitude is important for a happy life. She said: “You’ve only got one life. if you have a negative attitude you end up feeling more negative, so it’s important to find the positive things and concentrate on those. It helps me in my work too as the customers can tell if someone is smiling.”