NLC insists it doesn’t need to have more councillors

Councillor Peter Sullivan
Councillor Peter Sullivan

North Lanarkshire Council is writing to Scottish Ministers after it rejected a proposal by the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland to appoint an extra seven councillors.

Councillor Peter Sullivan, who chaired the member/ officer group on Local Governance said: “The Boundary Commission has ignored our previous submissions and is pressing ahead with its plans.

“My colleagues and I, no matter their political allegiance, are united in opposition.

“North Lanarkshire does not need an additional seven councillors, especially when it will add £1.5 million over the course of a council term.

“Right now we are trying to maintain services in the face of draconian cuts – not pay for additional members’ salaries, expenses and administrative costs.

“This is a bad idea at the worst possible time.

“The proposals also include ward boundary changes which make no sense whatsoever and shatter community links for the sake of notional statistical uniformity.

“There is no benefit to the people of North Lanarkshire in these proposed changes.”