No plans to look after Arria

editorial image

SHE is fast becoming the symbol of Cumbernauld and is seen by more than 70,000 motorists per day.

And just last month the stirring image of Arria was added to new signage created by North Lanarkshire Council to direct shoppers and visitors to local services and facilities.

Yet it would appear that that NLC have turned their backs on Arria.

That is the shock claim of a group which is fighting for seats in every ward in Cumbernauld when the local government elections take place next May – the Cumbernauld Independent Councillors’ Association.

The group has just one representative on North Lanarkshire Council – former Scottish Nationalist veteran Gordon Murray - and it has already become clear that the group is gunning for North Lanarkshire Council.

Members claim that existing councillors are failing to serve the needs of Cumbernauld because Labour councillors are too keen to toe the party line – and that Scottish Nationalists are toothless in the face of it.

Now the group is claiming that NLC has no plans to maintain the 10 metre statue which was specifically commissioned at a cost of £250,000 by Campsies Centres (Cumbernauld) Ltd – a NLC-owned company which is behind the so-called Cumbernauld Positive Image Campaign

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