North Lanarkshire Council jointly opposes Trident replacement

Photo courtesy BAE Systems
Photo courtesy BAE Systems

A campaign organisation has welcomed North Lanarkshire Council’s opposition to renewing the Trident nuclear weapons programme.

At a recent meeting of the full council, members agreed to oppose the controversial renewal of Trident, which is expected to cost up to £100 billion.

The Nuclear Free Local Authorities Steering Committee has praised NLC’s public condemnation of Trident and is calling on other authorities across the UK and Ireland to follow suit.

NFLA chairman Norman McDonald said: “On behalf of NFLA, I warmly welcome the cross-party support given by North Lanarkshire councillors to supporting our organisation and opposing the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons programme.

“At a time of deep austerity in local government and other parts of the public sector, it is illogical to go ahead with an exorbitantly expensive nuclear weapons programme which is neither independent nor a real deterrent.

“Over 120 countries have now signed the ‘humanitarian pledge’ which reminds us of the devastating consequences of nuclear weapons in terms of millions of deaths, environmental catastrophe and wholesale dislocation across the planet.

“The UK Parliament will have a once in a generation opportunity to do the right thing and send a message around the world that can initiate a process of multilateral nuclear disarmament.”

NLC depute leader Jim Smith said: “Nuclear weapons have no place in our society.

“By replacing the Trident weapons system, all we would be doing is encouraging others to increase nuclear weapons stockpiling, which flies in the face of all previous international agreements.

“It will cost anywhere between £40 billion and £100 billion pounds to replace Trident. At a time when we are struggling to provide vital services this is indefensible.”