Snakes alive - Yazoo needs a happy home

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Most of the animals which gain new homes through the SSPCA are familiar household pets such as cats, dogs and rabbits.

But the local rescue and rehoming centre is currently seeking a new place where Yazoo, a male milk snake, can coil up in comfort.

Centre manager Peter Fleming said, “Yazoo arrived in our care under very sad circumstances when his owner suddenly passed away.

“We would love to find him a new home soon with someone who has a keen interest in reptiles.

“Though they don’t play fetch or come when you call their name, milk snakes are great pets for any reptile lover and Yazoo is friendly and easy to handle.

“The average milk snake will live for around 15 years so Yazoo’s owner will need to be dedicated and have the time and commitment to ensure he continues to be a happy and healthy snake.”

Meanwhile staff at the centre are also keen to find good home for conventional pets in their care.

The appeal to pet-loving Cumbernauld and Kilsyth residents comes during Rehoming Week, which runs until March 23, and aims to put right the lives of animals which in many cases have been “discarded like rubbish when their owners decided they no longer wanted to look after them.”

Mr Fleming added: “Potential owners must have the time, commitment and resources available to provide for their needs, including paying for any vet bills required.”

The SSPCA’s Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Hamilton is open to visiing potential ownersw from 10am to 4pm seven days a week and can be contacted on 03000 999 999.