Offices evacuated after truck hits Cumbernauld town centre

Town centre accident
Town centre accident

Piping came crashing down in Cumbernauld town centre today at around 4.20pm.

Several eye witnesses say a lorry hit the piping while driving through Central Way.

The pipe then came down crushing a motor vehicle, which followed the lorry.

The male passenger and a child received treatment at the scene, firstly from a passing first aider then from paramedics. One eyewitness says they had to be cut free from the vehicle. Their condition is not known.

The staff at the News and Chronicle held a loud bang in their office and the building shook for a few seconds.

The office, which is right above the scene of the crash, was evacuated along with other stores in Cumbernauld town centre, until the structure of the building can be assessed.

The road was closed and Police Scotland were advising motorists to stay clear of the area.