Ward’s Weather Watch

We are now in meteorological autumn and it is certainly turning cooler.

Thursday, 5th September 2013, 12:04 pm

If the leaves on the trees haven’t started changing, they will do by the end of the week as night time temperatures fall consistently into single figures, and you may need to scrape ice from your windscreen on Friday morning.

Today will be a mainly sunny day but a chilly 10c to start. It will quickly warm up reaching 19 or 20c in the afternoon but the cloud will increase. As I write this the BBC forecast is saying rain will arrive in the afternoon but I think it will arrive overnight and only be light drizzle for a short time.

Thursday will be a nice with only a few cumulus clouds developing throughout the day but it will feel even colder at around 8c at 9am, finally reaching 15c.

Friday will have a bright but cold start. There is a chance of a ground frost as it will be around 3c at 6am. The temperature will climb to 15c in the afternoon but it will also be cloudy. The weekend will have misty starts which will clear through the morning. Night temps around 8c, day temps around 16.

On Monday there is a chance that the temperature will be unusually high for September at around 20c.