The birth of Ruby Cant.

Wednesday, 16th November 2011, 11:16 am

PARENTS: Mum is 25-year-old haidresser Katrina and dad is 26-year-old joiner Steven. The Cants live in Irvine Place, Kilsyth and baby Ruby is their first child.

PREGNANCY: Happily for Katrina, this went without any hitches.

BIRTH: A total of nine days earlier than expected. The couple had just enjoyed a meal out in Banknock when Katrina’s waters broke. Stephen rushed her into Glasgow to give birth.

BABY: Ruby is getting to grips with feeding and is a good sleeper.

NAME: Two intriguing reasons. Katrina had dreamt of having a baby called Ruby – and has now lived the dream. When the Kenny Rogers classic of the same name was playing in the restaurant when Katrina realised that the baby was on the way, it seemed like a sign. “It was definitely an omen!’’ said Stephen.

GRANDPARENTS: Katrina’s mum and dad Jim and Janice live at Lochmill Farm, Milton of Campsie. Steven’s parents, Marion and Billy, live in Lairdshill Court.

THANKS: Both Stephen and Katrina have a large extended family and want to thank everyone who has helped them during the pregnancy and for the beautiful cards and gifts they have received.

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