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161211 Jackie Mitchell
161211 Jackie Mitchell

By News and Chronicle editor Jackie Mitchell

WE’VE posed a question about supermarkets this week, as the talk of a new Tesco at Condorrat just won’t go away. So far the supermarket giant is saying nothing, but that’s not stopping locals from debating the ins and outs of it.

My worry is that anything we gain by way of jobs and convenience in getting a big Tesco in the area will kill off the best of village life.

Condorrat has a Spar – celebrating 40 years in business this year, corner shops, a post office, a pub and many other little outlets that are well used by local people.

If a supermarket comes in to town I really fear for the future of these smaller shops.

Yes, competition can be healthy; and yes, people can vote with their feet and still support their local shops. But against the might of Tesco – and let’s not forget this would be the third in the Cumbernauld area – would the little shops win? And would any jobs boost be bigger than potential jobs lost in the village?