Union calls meeting over HMRC campaign

Union members at HMRC's Cumbernauld office have vowed to fight on over the proposed closure.
Union members at HMRC's Cumbernauld office have vowed to fight on over the proposed closure.

The Public and Commercial Services Union has publicly stated its position on the announced closure of the local HMRC office in the town.

It has made it very clear that the union nationally and locally does not accept that any office should close as part of the HMRC ‘Building our Future’ proposals.

The PCS believes that the process should be halted until such time as a full and open scrutiny of the plans is in the public domain.

It has also expressed a concern that the closure of the Cumbernauld sites is damaging not only its members’ jobs and working terms and conditions, but also to the communities and environment.

To this end the PCS Cumbernauld Revenue & Customs Branch ‘Save Cumbernauld Tax Office - Keep Jobs Local Campaign’ has organised a meeting on Wednesday, February 28 at 5pm in the New Freedom City Church opposite the Cumbernauld Tax Office on St Mungo’s Road.

A spokesman said: “The meeting will discuss with our members how we can develop the campaign to retain an HMRC presence in Cumbernauld.

“In reference to last week’s article while a task force may be welcome to some we consider it a last resort to ‘mitigate the impact of HMRC office closures’.

“We reject this defeatist approach and call on everyone to support our campaign to keep the Cumbernauld Tax Office open.”

And the union is gathering some influential names together including, MPs Stuart McDonald and Hugh Gaffney, Central Region MSPs including Jamie Hepburn and Richard Leonard (Leader of the Scottish Labour Party) in addition to all Labour and SNP Councillors for Cumbernauld & Kilsyth and North Lanarkshire Council leader Jim Logue have been invited to attendthe meeting.

Commenting, John Miller, branch vice-president said: “PCS Cumbernauld believes our community cannot afford to lose 1350 jobs.

“The campaign to save Cumbernauld Tax Office continues and we will consider every option available,” he added.