Petition to stop bikers abusing Cumbernauld footpath

PLANNING officials have ruled against preventing motorcyclists from abusing the footpath between Cumbernauld Primary School and Portland Road in Carrickstone.

Residents have been complaining about bikers, particularly on noisy and dangerous quad bikes, causing a nuisance on the path, which is one of the main access routes to the joint Cumbernauld/St Andrews Primary School campus.

Although a 134-signature petition was lodged with the council, the proposal to install bollards or similar to prevent motrocyclists from gaining access to the footpath was rejected for several reasons.

As area councillor, Barry McCulloch, said: “This call required fencing up of the footpath along its entire length, along with a bollard on each end of the path. This was not viable as it would detract from the amenity of the open area and secondly would prevent access by the gritting tractor in winter.”

According to the council’s winter service policies, this footpath is a required access point for gritting in this area.

Continued councillor McCulloch: “Finally, motorcyclists will simply move to other parts, rather than be dissuaded from riding around the area.

“I have asked the police to step up their activity as it is illegal to ride on footpaths.”