Phone mast rejected

The controversial proposals to build a phone mast near a primary school in Cumbernauld have been shot down by councillors.

Planning officials unanimously blocked O2 and Vodafone’s joint bid to erect a mobile telecomunications mast at a site near Eastfield Primary School. The companies were also denied permission to install a mast at the same site in 2010, but applied for a second time with a modified version of the original plan. The second attempt attracted almost 300 objections from local residents. At a site visit today (Tuesday) officials were greeted by parents and pupils from Eastfield Primary School, who mounted a protest at the site. And at the formal hearing, members of the Parents’ Council were given a chance to make a presentation as to why they felt the plans should not be approved.

Local architect Peter McLaughlan, who with Rose-Marie McKenna represented the Parents’ Council at the hearing, said afterwards: “We are obviously very pleased at this decision and grateful to the planning committee for allowing us to state our views again, as well as to all the parents and pupils who have supported us.”

Also speaking at the hearing was Cumbernauld and Kilsyth MSP Jamie Hepburn, who said: “I was glad that the Planning Committee unanimously rejected this proposal.

“It is clear from the number of objections received that the prospect of a telecoms mast on this site caused great concern among local residents, and teachers and parents of pupils at Eastfield Primary and Nursery Schools—concern which I, of course, shared.

“I was glad to speak out against the proposal alongside the other objectors, including members of the Eastfield Primary School Parents Council. The Parents Council should be commended for their hard work in organising such an effective campaign in opposition to the proposed phone mast.”