Police get heavy with metal thieves

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A LANARKSHIRE wide operation to tackle vehicle related crime has been a success.

Operation Myriad targeted itinerant metal dealers, rogue traders, and businesses operating in metal dealing who are not adhering to lawful registrations.

The multi-agency operation brought together the police working alongside the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), North and South Lanarkshire Trading Standards and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA.

The partners attended various premises throughout the county to ensure the relevant businesses were licensed and operating within the law.

The businesses in question were linked to the motor trade, breakers yards, metal dealers and itinerant metal dealers.

There was also a number of stop check locations at the road side which resulted in 24 motorists being issued with fixed penalty notices for no seat belt, using mobile phone and no insurance.

A total of 34 vehicles were examined by VOSA who issued 12 prohibitions for vehicle safety defects.

Trading Standards issued formal warnings for work persons working on property without issuing the necessary seven days notice of intended works.

Meanwhile, 15 visits were made to various metal dealer premises, an itinerant metal dealer was reported for not having a licence and one metal dealer premises was reported for offences relating to licensing.

Two vehicles were seized by the police, five vehicles were given vehicle defect notices and 120 people were spoken to and fully checked by police to ensure they were going about their business in a lawful manner.

There were two premises reported by SEPA Officers in relation to offences detected and stolen property was recovered to the value of £20,000.

Superintendent Elaine Ferguson explained: “I am keen to make sure we target rogue individuals on each occasion we plan these days of action and would suggest to anyone who thinks they can get away with trading out with the law that they think again.

“These partnership efforts look to stop criminals making money off the back of organised criminal dealings and we have seen a great deal disruption as a result of this operation”