Police warning over ATM fraud devices

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Police have issued advice to residents to be extra vigilant when using ATM terminals following increased reports of fraud devices being used in North Lanarkshire.

Police say there are four things you need to look out for when using ATM including card traps, which work by jamming your debit card in the machine allowing the fraudster to retrieve it later. If your card is retained by a machine then make sure that you call your bank immediately and have it cancelled.

“Skimmer” devices record your card details. Before using a cash machine you should always check the card slot to ensure that there is nothing unusual about its appearance. These “skimmers” are usually attached over the slot where you enter your card.

Another major cash machine scam involves hidden cameras which capture your card details and PIN number. Always scan around the panel and look out for small pinholes in the line of the PIN pad.

Distraction scams work by drawing your attention when using the cash machine in order to snatch your cash without you realising. A fraudster may accidentally drop something at your feet or bump into you while you are at the ATM terminal and use the distraction to their advantage.

Always make sure that you cover your hand when entering your PIN.

This may nullify the threat posed by hidden cameras and unwanted onlookers

Remember that your PIN should only be known by you as it is essentially the key to your finances.

You can gain more information and advice from www.money.co.uk