Council agrees to end practice of burials costing more at weekends and holidays

Buirials will now cost the same no matter what day they take place
Buirials will now cost the same no matter what day they take place

North Lanarkshire Council has agreed to start charging the same amount for burials, no matter what day of the week they take place.

Previously internments taking place at weekends or on bank holidays would be more expensive then those done on normal weekdays.

Motherwell South and Ravenscraig councillor Gary O’Rorke believed this was unfair on grieving families and submitted a motion to the recent full council meeting asking for ‘equality’ to be introduced.

He said: “I wanted to see the council bring equality to cemetery internment fee charges and adjust the cost for burials that take place at weekends or bank holidays to the weekday rate.

“A lot of the time families get little choice in what day a funeral service takes place and it seems poor that some should randomly have had to pay more than others.

“At such a time grieving families have a lot on their plate so probably just pay the fee without thinking, but equality should be from the cradle to the grave and I’m delighted that will now happen.”

Councillor O’Rorke was seconded by fellow Independent Alliance member Councillor Sam Love, who represents Wishaw.

Wish no objections or amendments from within the chamber Provost Jim Robertson declared the motion passed unanimously.