Council should have held a consultation

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A survey carried out by SNP politicians found 9/10 people oppose changes to bin collections in North Lanarkshire.

From next month, there will be changes to the types of materials that can be recycled in each bin, as well as how often they’re collected.

This includes general waste collections only taking place once every three weeks.

As the council did not carry out a consultation exercise Jamie Hepburn MSP, Stuart McDonald MP and nine SNP councillors for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth decided to do a study of their own.

A total of 1500 responses were received and the results have now been sent to the council.

The survey highlighted concerns in areas with communal bin storage about a lack of space, concerns from elderly residents and the dangers of increased vermin and waste decomposing between uplifts – 82 per cent of did not believe the council followed the proper process for bringing in the changes, 90 per cent feel a consultation would have been the correct way to proceed, and 91 per cent of all respondents were against the proposals.

Mr McDonald MP said: “It’s quite clear people are very concerned about what these new proposals mean.

“We’ve had people with limited space and some people with visual impairment concerned about what these changes mean for them.

“A proper consultation would have allowed the council to address some of these concerns in designing a new system, instead of just imposing one in a top-down manner.

“No wonder it is so unpopular!”