Foster '˜heroes' are in demand

Local carers are being sought by North Lanarkshire Council to foster and adopt children.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 5:03 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 5:04 pm
North Lanarkshire Council is keen to find more foster parents.

Everyday Heroes Wanted, the council’s most recent fostering and adoption recruitment campaign, is now in its final year.

While residents respond to requests for new carers to come forward, the local authority has to continue asking because more are always needed.

Eamon and Emma, from Airdrie, have been fostering children with the council for 34 years and since their own children were in high school.

Nowadays they foster babies, but, over the course of time, they have fostered children of all ages and have albums overflowing with family pictures.

Eamon said: “Just do it! There’s a lot more support these days. The council training is so thorough. You learn loads. And the support from other foster carers is great. Some of the things you need to know you can’t just learn from a book.”

Emma said: “People tell us that we must have special qualities to be able to do what we do. But you don’t need to be special. You need to be able to understand and have patience.

“Approved carers are paid a fee and an allowance which helps you through. But that’s not a reason for doing it. For us, it’s all about making those kids a part of your family. “It’s giving them the reassurance and stability they need to feel safe enough to trust again.”

To find out more, go to or call 0800 0731566 for an information pack.