Garage man backs Yes campaign

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The owner of a busy Cumbernauld garage has come out in favour of Scottish independence - as a member of campaign group Business For Scotland.

Sheikh Ashraf of the Station Garage in South Carbrain Road is one of 100 business people listed in a full page advertisement in The Herald newspaper, to illustrate the diversity of companies now supporting a “yes” vote in the referendum.

However the firms listed are intended as just a sample of the total membership, which is said to stand at 1,900 - “the backbone of the Scottish economy”.

Mr Ashraf, an active fundraiser for several causes, said he was convinced Scotland would be better off as an independent country, rather than “being ruled by a government 450 miles away who do not care about us.”

He said the record of Alex Salmond’s SNP government proved Scotland had the potential to run its own affairs, and argued it was no surprise that so many small to medium business were now backing independence.

He also pointed to the Labour record under Tony Blair and his war in Iraq - and his continued assertions that he was right - as reasons why Labour could not be seen as a future alternative to the Tories and Liberal coalition.