Independence campaigners holding public meeting in Cumbernauld

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Yes Cumbernauld, which has been meeting informally for some time, has called a public meeting in the Muirfield Centre for Monday, April 3 at 7pm.

Campaigner Dougie Hall said: “Pro-independence campaigners from various political parties and none have been keeping in touch to discuss how we can present the strongest possible case for an independent Scotland. This means that we are now more than ready for the campaign to come. We will now be stepping up our campaigning work and arguing the positive case for how a different Scotland is possible.

“We had planned this meeting before recent events but we could not have timed it better.

“The meeting will focus on the debate over the currency as we want to ensure that this controversial issue is debated and a clear answer is given to questions that will come up during the campaign.”

The guest speaker will Dr Craig Dalzell of the Common Weal group which published a discussion paper on currency in an independent Scotland.