Indy campaign goes local

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Independence campaigners have vowed to step up their campaign in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, just days after a whistle-stop visit by heavyweight No campaigner Jim Murphy MP.

The Labour man, a former Scottish Secretary, claimed the No campaign had “most of the energy” while the SNP had become “increasingly angry”.

And he cited remarks by American president Obama as well as children’s author JK Rowling’s £1 million support for the No lobby as evidence that Better Together were in the ascendant.

Mr Murphy, who is MP for East Renfrewshire, argued that Better Together – a coalition of Labour, the Tories and Lib-Dems – had offered “a thoughtful ‘no thanks’” while the independence campaigners had proved “shouty and dogmatic.”

He launched a furious tirade on what he said was an “online mob” of “anonymous, cowardly men” who had, he claimed, tried to intimidate “thoughtful Scottish women on the internet.”

The local Yes campaign, meanwhile, has concentrated on contacting as many Cumbernauld and Kilsyth residents as possible – for example speaking to more than 100 people in Ravenswood and Seafar on Sunday.

Jamie Hepburn MSP, who took part, said: “It was great to be part of a large team of people campaigning for independence in our local community.

“The referendum has inspired many people to get politically active, many of them for the first time ever, and it is that enthusiasm that will drive our local campaign in these final months.

“The message we deploy locally will be about encouraging people to think about what kind of future they want for Scotland, for themselves and for their children.

“Do they want to continue to be governed by an unelected Tory government that is imposing a cuts agenda that is harming public services and holding back our economy; or do they want to live in a society that is fairer and more dynamic, where we always get the government of our choosing.”

The SNP MSP added: “Independence is merely about putting Scotland’s future in the hands of those who care most about the country – that is those who live and work here.

“I and other yes campaigners in the area will continue to take forward that message.”