Litter changes weekly pick-up

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Household bin rubbish will be collected seven days a week from April.

North Lanarkshire Council says it is introducing the seven-day operation to make the service more efficient.

Around 90 per cent of localhouseholds will see their waste bins collected on a different day, and details of the new collection days will be provided to them in advance.

The council has also made some change to the materials that can be place in the blue recycling bins, and an information pack is being delivered to all local households to explain in detail how the new system will be operated.

Textiles are not now accepted, and it’s reckoned better to re-use textiles by donating to a charity shop, as previously they were shredded and used for industrial rags.

Plastic bags should not be placed in blue bins as they’re said to slow down the hand sort in the recycling process.

And the council stresses that glass shouldn’t be put in the blue bin as it is liable to smash, contaminates paper, and is a danger during the sorting process. More information