MP Gregg backs drinks-in-stadium move

Local Labour MP Gregg McClymont is strongly backing a call to end the ban on selling drink in Scotland’s football grounds.

Sunday, 22nd February 2015, 3:49 pm

Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy MP is leading the bid to end the ban – brought in to tackle hooliganism at matches – which was lifted for rugby stadiums in 2007.

Mr McClymont claims it is time to “stop treating football fans as second class citizens”, arguing the situation has changed since the ban was introduced in 1980.

He said: “I don’t see why it’s okay for a rugby fan in Scotland or a football fan in England to be able to have a drink at a game and the same right doesn’t exist for Scottish football fans.”

The MP added:“We should introduce this in a limited way to start with and learn from the experience.

“It’s not about allowing fans to bring in a carry-out but allowing then to buy alcohol in the stadium.

“But nor can it be a way for clubs to fleece the supporters by charging exorbitant prices – our football supporters already pay pretty high prices for their football.”

“It’s crucial that this is done in a way that maintains a family atmosphere in the grounds in a way they’ve managed to do in England.”

He added: “The next stage will be to bring together football supporters, clubs, football authorities as well as the police to discuss how we can take this forward.”

Health minister Shona Robison is against the idea.