NLC councillor quits ‘toxic’ SNP

Councillor Paddy Hogg
Councillor Paddy Hogg

A North Lanarkshire councillor has blasted his former SNP colleagues as he quit the group.

Paddy Hogg, who represents the Cumbernauld East ward, described the group as ‘toxic’ singling out business manager Allan Stubbs as a ‘bully’ and leader David Stocks as a ‘pathetic puppet’.

Following his resignation from the SNP Councillor Hogg intends to remain on the council and will represent his constituents as an independent.

He said: “At the moment my primary priority is to try to give as much support as I can to my partner following the shocking recent loss of her 19-year-old son and support her daughters and son as best I can.

“Since the election of Councillor Allan Stubbs and his adoption as group business manager the old feuds have erupted with a vengeance.

“Stubbs, a decent organiser of some talent, has the man management skills of a bully and he has ran roughshod over many senior councillors including myself with no other thought than his own self aggrandisement.

“His arrogance and self-seeking knows no bounds and will go unchecked as long as Councillor David Stocks is leader of the group.

“The final straw that broke the camel’s back was Stocks comment in a phone call telling me my constructive criticism of both Stubbs and Councillor Jordan Linden, was a ‘nasty email’.

“I come from a highly professional training background and expect far higher standards of equity and fairness that exists within the SNP group on NLC where bullying and abuse is commonplace to the point it has been normalised.

“He is in my view a decent enough human being, but he is unfit to lead anything and has been the pathetic puppet of Richard Lyle MSP.

“I have taken too much of his slap downs, out downs and ignorant behaviour and for the sake of my own mental health at the moment I have resigned from the toxic SNP group.”

The SNP group at North Lanarkshire Council refused to enter into a war of words with Councillor Hogg.

It released a statement which said: “We are aware that Mr Hogg was not in agreement with some of the group’s decisions, but are sorry that he felt this course of action was necessary.”