Poster ban claimed due to Labour fear

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Cumbernauld SNP councillor Tom Johnston claims a ban on election-time posters on lamp-posts proves Labour are “running scared” of grass roots independence groups.

A Labour motion to end the council policy of allowing election posters on lamp posts was passed by 12-8 votes last week, sparkin g fury from the SNP.

Councillor Johnston said: “Political party election agents have always co-operated with the council and taken down posters within 48 hours after all elections.”

He says a council report says only unauthorised groups had refused to remove posters and flags after the referendum.

“The reality behind this new and sudden ban is that Labour are now running scared of the SNP before next May’s UK general election,” he said.

He claimed the move could backfire, as evidence from other areas showed that political parties would put stickers on laminated street signs instead, which then causes expensive-to-repair damage when they are removed.

The issue was one of several linked to council procedure at the General Election.