Sanctuary merges three landlords

Sanctuary Scotland director Pat Cahill
Sanctuary Scotland director Pat Cahill

A major landlord in Cumbernauld has now been merged with other organisations in its group.

Sanctuary Cumbernauld is now part of Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association, which is now one of the biggest social landlords in the country.

Sanctuary Cumbernauld manages 1,987 properties, while the group also controls 1,505 homes in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Angus, while Sanctuary Scotland has 3,095 properties around Scotland, including Glasgow, Dundee and Renfrewshire.

The merger follows a public consultation in which 84 per cent of Sanctuary Cumbernauld and Tenants First Housing Cooperative tenants voted in favour.

Sanctuary Scotland director Pat Cahill said: “Sanctuary Cumbernauld in North Lanarkshire and Tenants First Housing Cooperative in the North East have become part of Sanctuary Scotland.

“In many respects it is business as usual for Sanctuary’s housing operations in Scotland. The merge will allow us to operate more efficiently, and the savings gained will be used to enhance the services provided to tenants.

“Sanctuary will continue to grow in Scotland, thanks in part to the Group’s ambitious development programme. Our plans will help the Scottish Government reach its target of at least 50,000 affordable homes by March 2021.”

In July, plans for Sanctuary to merge with another housing group, Housing and Care 21, fell through after both sides expressed misgivings about the deal during the due diligence process. As they were unable to satisfactorily resolve these differences, the merger collapsed. Had it gone ahead, this merger would have created a new organisation called Sanctuary 21 in charge of 32,000 homes, primarily focusing on housing for older people.