Solidarity candidate Kevin pledges to champion bus passengers in Kilsyth

Kevin Kane (second left) in Kilsyth with members of his campaign team
Kevin Kane (second left) in Kilsyth with members of his campaign team

Voters in Kilsyth have the option of backing a Solidarity candidate in the forthcoming council elections.

Kevin Kane hails from Kilsyth and is seeking election under the party’s Hope Over Fear banner.

Kevin said: “There is an opportunity for Kilsyth and Villages to elect a pro-independence socialist who will be the community’s voice in the council, not the council’s voice in the community, helping bring real power to locals, unfettered by big party machine politics.

“As just one example where we need socialist representation is on the perennial issue of transport. Passenger fares are increasing and our local services in Kilsyth and villages are declining. It is an outrage that taxpayers’ money is being gifted to prop up private bus companies.

“This is particularly galling in the case of First Group, who rake in obscene profits, yet continue to cut local bus services.

“As a councillor, I will stand up for local passengers, and I will never side with the big bus companies.

“If someone is pro-independence and of socialist mind, then they know they have a committed home in me. I am the only socialist currently in the race to represent the area and I aim to bring real power to the local community”.