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Soccer ball
Soccer ball

The speaker at last week’s meeting of Kilsyth and District Probus Club was Seamus Coleman, a local , who has lived in Croy since the age of six.

He is well versed in local history and is a past president of the Croy Historical Society, as well as being a renowned badminton umpire.

His chosen subject was ‘Carmichael’s Buses’.

And as all locals of a certain age group will know, this was the main means of travelling from Kilsyth to all the villages south of the town in days gone by.

Seamus took everyone on a stop by stop journey, starting from the foot of Main Street, accompanied with power point photos of the various buildings, factories and places of interest along the route as well as anecdotes of the worthies who occupied them, through Auchinstarry, Croy, Condorrat, Mollinsburn, Moodiesburn, Annathill, Glenboig and so to Coatbridge. He described each individual bus, easily recognised by its sound also the drivers and their eccentricities.

Not as comfortable as travel today, but certainly with a lot more character.

Ron Moorcroft, on behalf of the members, thanked Seamus for a most entertaining talk.

Next meeting of Probus will be after the summer break.

It will be on Wednesday, September 3, when the guest speaker at the meeting will be John Ferguson.