Pylon first step in Cumbernauld Town Centre bridge build

The  Central Way bridge pylon
The Central Way bridge pylon

THE ongoing project to build a new bridge at Cumbernauld Town Centre has taken a major step forward.

The pylon is 22 metres (72 feet), weighs 26.2 tons and can support a weight of approximately 50 tons. It will anchor ten cables - four on the rear (on the Fleming House side of Central Way) and six on the span.

The former Tummel Way footbridge at Cumbernauld Town Centre was demolished in late January. The replacement has suffered some disruption, including a preliminary inspection which found the original bridge was much heavier than plans indicated, and then high winds caused further delays.

Once in place, the Tummel Way bridge will provide a complete pedestrian circuit around Cumbernauld Town Centre. The same project will also see the replacement of the pedestrian barrier on the central reservation. Improvements are also planned for the bus stances at that part of the town centre, which has also recently had new signs installed.