Readers’ letters

What our readers have been writing about this week

Sir, – We welcome all feedback about our proposals for the Treatment Room Service including the letter from Andy Locke in last week’s paper.

However, we felt it important to clarify a number of points, particularly as he wrongly suggested that the proposals are about cuts and that we are not giving the public a chance to have their say.

In developing the proposals we aim to improve the quality of care provided by increasing the number of appointments available to patients within the Cumbernauld area as the demand for the service continues to increase. We will do this with the same money by working differently and standardising practice.

We have been very public and upfront about the current proposals to provide a better quality of treatment room service for patients. This has included a press release to the Cumbernauld News on May 9, 2011 inviting public feedback on the proposals. Members of the public from across Lanarkshire, including Cumbernauld, have also been invited to the stakeholder event on June 29, 2011, when the proposals will be discussed in detail. Furthermore we attended a meeting of Cumbernauld Community Forum on June 14 to explain the proposals and listen to comments. In response to their comments, we are currently looking at the feasibility of providing services within more Health Centres around Cumbernauld to include a level of service at Craigmarloch Health Centre on a part-time basis.

As part of the review process all comments on the proposal will be considered by the Review Group which includes a member of the public from Cumbernauld.

In reviewing this service it is our utmost intention to improve the service by increasing the number of appointments available to patients with the money to provide the service remaining unchanged.

Details of the proposals can be found at We would encourage everyone to look at them and let us know their comments by July 8, 2011. – Yours etc.,

Anne Armstrong

Divisional Director of Nursing, Primary Care

NHS Lanarkshire

Ill thought-out scheme

Sir, – Like the majority drivers visiting Kilsyth Town Centre, the idea of imposing parking charges beggars belief. We can only assume that the people intent on imposing these charges are trying to penalise the few remaining shops. Most of them are already hard pressed to maintain their businesses under very difficult trading conditions with most shoppers trying to cope with the hard financial restraints on their spending.

As a matter of interest just what is it going to cost to implement the charging system? By the time parking bays are clearly defined, ticketing machines are installed and no doubt at least two or three wardens employed to monitor the scheme. Then there is the cost of printing of tickets and the usual top heavy administration charges to be taken into account. It shrieks false economy very loudly. Also to be taken into consideration is the provision of disabled parking bays – will the same charges apply?

If this hair brained scheme is implemented what is to stop drivers using the large, well marked out car park at Lidl and how long will it take that company to limit car parking to customers only – and who can blame them. That is of course if drivers are still prepared to continue shopping in Kilsyth instead of either using their cars to use Tesco Craigmarloch (with free parking) or visiting nearby Kirkintilloch where the parking is plentiful and free.

Perhaps some joined-up thinking should be applied to this ill thought out scheme before further damage is done to what was once a thriving town centre. – Yours etc.,


Address supplied

Staff excel in every way

Sir, – I read Edward Jones’ article Hospital Ordeal, and it is the opposite to my experience.

My wife had a fall which required emergency treatment, the doctor called the ambulance and they very quickly took her to Monklands Hospital ERU emergency. We passed through the waiting room (no seats available) to the receiving desk. There were trolley beds which looked as if they were joined together. There were casualties everywhere, but soon my wife was being attended to by many caring staff.

By midnight they had located a bed for her. By 1am I was on my way home knowing she was in very capable hands.

My wife got home the next day, but sadly she fell again and the above had to be repeated.

She is at this moment in Ward 1. What can I say about the staff there? They excel in every way. They update you by the bedside each day. As a family we have been surrounded by very kind people not just doing their job, but going that extra mile.

For the lady who wrote Monklands Hospital is not a hotel, she is the kind of people to keep company with.

To local doctors, ambulance crews, hospital staff, may we say thank you most sincerely.


Do they know Mark?

Sir, – With reference to letters in relation to Councillor Mark Griffin and his decision to embrace the mantle of both offices. Re the comments “immature, premature”, do they know the young man?

May they be reminded Mark grew up in a home steeped in politics of the highest order at an early age. He has held top positions in local and constituency Labour parties, as well as being political researcher for Catherine Craigie MSP. As such he was aware of the duties involved as an elected member. Since elected as a local councillor he has a surgery rota every Friday in Kilsyth, Croy, as well as in Queenzieburn and Banton. No other councillor has given this commitment to his constituents. He could have taken the decision to cut back on this committed schedule. This option was never considered as it would have given credibility and substance to the assumptions and criticisms directed at him.

As to the advice from the senior members of the Labour party, if this had been sought, it would have proved the comment immature. It would have shown we had failed to instil in him success is built on initiative and self belief. This he has clearly shown.

I personally attended last week’s surgery at Burngreen. Ten constituents seeking help and guidance, this clearly shows the respect for his capabilities.

In conclusion I note his appointment at Holyrood local government and regeneration committee. This is the first step of which I believe will be the first of many in the future.

Good luck Mark, Francis would be proud. – Yours etc.,


22 Maxwell Place,