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Sir, – Councillor Alan O’Brien apparently does not know John Cullen or his motto. To apologise is a sign of weakness, but when truth is the basic ingredient of dialogue, you stand on firm ground. I stand by my defence of Councillor Griffin, Scotland’s youngest MSP. Councillor O’Brien clearly deviates from the content of my letter on the competence of Councillor Griffin to shoulder the responsibilities of both elected positions. The following will demonstrate the calibre of Mark.

Councillor O’Brien, as a politician, is aware circumstances change, as such affecting decisions. What we do know is Councillor Griffin voted on the issues unlike Councillor O’Brien who clearly demonstrates he is a man of straw when faced with a challenge – Campsie Holdings. He lacked what is the basic requisite of a good councillor, the backbone to stand up and fight, not only for his own self-esteem. He failed, he turned away, contributing to what he claims our desolate town centre. By your action you failed the people you were elected to represent, sad but true. Unlike the SNP we fail to take credit or highlight our achievements (for 12 years in her term at Holyrood, Cathie Craigie highlighted the cause of the Deaf, highlighted the Scottish Council of Deaf with their recorded thanks and appreciation as a recipient, endorse same).

Noted Councillor Griffin has accepted their request and will continue Cathie’s work. Noted in this week’s Chronicle, Councillor Bob Chadha highlighted transport issues at Croy Station. Note Councillor O’Brien, actions speak louder than words. You must agree we are our own worst enemy, but then self praise is no honour. We in the Labour party believe in the rights of the individual and the community. I personally have subscribed fully to that belief. I have never turned away as aforementioned nor has Mark Griffin MSP/Councillor. – Yours etc.,


Maxwell Place


Broadwood Loch Walkway

Sir, – As a daily user of the Broadwood Loch walk/cycle path, it has been very noticeable in the past few weeks that there are increasing amounts of horse droppings/faeces/manure appearing. As a dog owner I use this regularly with my canine pal, and we obey the obvious rules regarding fouling. On our way round it has now become something of an assault course for walkers, cyclists, and even one unfortunate young mum with a push chair, with an infant onboard, having to use the grass verge to avoid the mess.

Maybe the horsey (equestrian) fraternity think they live by different rules from other members of the community, but I would venture to suggest that the purchase of a wee beach spade wouldn’t break the bank, the nags are not to blame, but their passengers are! Come on local riding schools/stables get a grip and shift the poop into the abundant undergrowth and fertilise the local flora. – Yours, etc.,


(via email)

NHS intentions not clear

Sir, – Your readers may recall my letter (Cumbernauld News, June 15, 2011) raising concerns over the lack of transparency and public awareness to the proposed closure of Health Centre treatment rooms in Cumbernauld. Proposals include the loss of treatment rooms in Central, Abronhill, Kildrum, Condorrat, Craigmarloch and Kenilworth Health Centres.

At the time I raised these concerns in a letter to Anne Armstrong, Divisional Director of Nursing who in her reply via the News (June 22) stated I was wrong to suggest this was a cutback in services motivated by cost savings.

It was therefore puzzling to read in the News last week in the article “GP Treatment Room Options Are Debated” that “due to a £1million shortfall in funding cutbacks in the provision of Health Centre treatment rooms is under consideration”.

The NHS are not being clear to the public over their intentions.

I therefore ask again, will the NHS publicly confirm which, if any, Health Centre treatment rooms in Cumbernauld are threatened with closure under these proposals and what is the timetable for implementation? – Yours etc.,


Scottish Socialist Party

Branch Secretary

Cumbernauld and Kilsyth

Lets with Pets campaign survey

Sir, – Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity is encouraging all Scottish pet owners that have ever rented, or tried to rent accommodation with their pet to take part in an important online survey.

Through this survey, the charity will gather details of pet owners’ experiences to understand the current pet friendly rental situation in the UK.

The survey is part of the charity’s Lets with Pets campaign that works with the lettings industry to demonstrate how pet inclusive tenancy agreements can benefit both the landlord and tenant.

In 2008, our research revealed that 78 per cent of pet owners experienced difficulties finding pet friendly rental accommodation, and 14 per cent resorted to keeping their pet without their landlord’s knowledge or consent. This new survey will allow Dogs Trust to assess whether the situation has improved or if the ongoing recession has worsened the outlook for pet owners. – Yours etc.,


Dogs Trust CEO

Run the Great South Run

Sir, – World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) is offering athletes and fun-runners the chance to compete in the prestigious Great South Run, the world’s leading 10-mile run.

The charity has a number of reserved places for the run through Portsmouth and Southsea on Sunday, October 30. To get free entry with WCRF, runners must enter by September 12 and raise £350 sponsorship for the charity’s cancer prevention education and research programmes.

Entrants will be taking part in one of the highlights of the UK running calendar with the full support of WCRF’s dedicated events team. They will also get training and nutrition advice.

To sign up for a WCRF place visit or contact the Events Team on 020 7343 4200, – Yours etc.,


Events Fundraiser


Thanks from Christian Aid

Sir, – The Cumbernauld Christian Aid Committee would like to thank the people of the town who during this year donated £3541.14. Although this figure is slightly down from last year we are in difficult times and the sum just over £3000 is a very commendable effort on the part of everyone. The committee would like to thank collectors, givers and counters for their hard work and generosity. – Yours etc.,



(via e-mail)