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What our readers have been writing about this week.

Sir, – When two of Glasgow’s sheriff officers and messengers at arms failed to evict me from my home, they ran away with their eviction order between their legs, not to return until an hour later, when they had five or six police officers to execute the order and do their job for them.

At that point I found myself in the position where I had to declare myself as homeless to the local authority.

The accommodation which North Lanarkshire Council first put me in was adequate, with all necessary amenities, but then the council, in all their wisdom, decided to relocate me in other accommodation without any cooking facilities.

As if this wasn’t enough, the housing department then decided to deliver pots and pans, cutlery and plates, still with nothing to use them to cook with.

On the bright side, the block of flats which my accommodation is located in is to be demolished in the not too distant future. Lucky white heather eh? – Yours etc.,


Burns Road

A bit of a pastime

Sir, – I read with interest over the last couple of weeks the saga of Councillor O’Brien and his resignation from the SNP Group of North Lanarkshire Council.

I did a bit of research into Alan O’Brien and resigning from things seems to be a bit of a pastime. Councillor O’Brien seems to have resigned from most of his committees over the past council term as well as from the Campsies Centre Board.

This information, gained from the NLC website, also shows that Councillor O’Brien’s attendance is among the lowest for any councillor. It also seems that the only thing larger than Councillor O’Brien’s ego are his expense claims. These can also be found on the website.

On digging deeper, the Cumbernauld News and Chronicle of May 28, 2003, carried a letter from an Alan O’Brien who indicated that he would not be renewing his SNP membership and accusing the SNP Group of North Lanarkshire Council as turning into a clone of New Labour. Does this sound familiar?

So distraught was he that he must have rejoined and stood for election under the SNP banner, only to resign from the group later. Has he sought out the views of the electorate in Cumbernauld North or has he decided what is the best way forward for them? I note that Councillor O’Brien only holds one surgery a month in a supermarket. Is that where the electorate met with him to agree that they should be disenfranchised?

I suspect that Councillor O’Brien’s resignation may see him seek election as an Independent in 2012, backed by Gordon Murray. Councillor O’Brien, in my opinion, you are not a patch on Councillor Gordon Murray.

I doubt that any party would select him given his past attendance record and lack of interaction with the public. – Yours etc.,


Millcroft Road

South Carbrain

MSP surprised

Sir – I was somewhat surprised to read the letter from Jacqueline Mitchell regarding my apparent lack of support for the residents in the Ainslie and Maclehose Road area. It is disappointing to learn that she has found me “less than helpful”.

I have over a considerable period of time taken forward any concerns presented to me by the Residents Group or individual residents, to a variety of agencies, including North Lanarkshire Council, Cumbernauld Housing Partnership (and now Sanctuary Cumbernauld), Strathclyde Police and the Scottish Government. I have also attended any meeting of the Residents Group that I have been invited to attend, and that I have been able to attend.

It might have been that the response generated from some of these bodies is not as Ms Mitchell or others would have hoped, but even then, I have always made it clear that I am happy to continue pursuit of any matter concerning any individual. Indeed, my last correspondence with Ms Mitchell in March of this year ended with an invitation to contact me to discuss the matters it pertained to should she so desire.

I am not aware of her having done so, and have not heard from her on this issue in the intervening period since my last letter to her, until I read her letter in your paper. It is regrettable that no complaint about my efforts has been directed to me personally in that same period of time.

If Ms Mitchell or any other resident in the Ainslie and Maclehose Road area, or indeed any of my constituents from across the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth area, would like my continued assistance regarding any matter at all, then all they need do is contact my constituency office on 01236 453969. – Yours etc.,


Darker when the lights go on

Sir, – I read in the News last week of how NLC may be able to save money in their Lighting Department.

I have just written to Mr McKay, head of roads etc., to inform him that the lights in Craigieburn Road have been faulty for a few months.

I reckon it is the only road that gets darker when the lights go on. Some of the lights do not work properly. I have phoned NLC on four different occasions regarding this.

The council ask us to help them by reporting faults. Is it any wonder some folk don’t bother? I am just going out now to buy a torch at Poundland or I’ll maybe get one of the lights from the NEON Waves. They are not very bright either. – Yours etc.,


Craigieburn Road


A family friendly event

Sir, – With regards to comments in your paper last week, how can such small-minded people write this deep-seated hatred of others in their society?

Yes, we are in the 21st century and as such are we not meant to respect and be tolerant of other people’s beliefs, as we do live in a multi-cultural society?

Their comments show how ignorant and bigoted they themselves are, maybe it should be shame on them and not others.

The march was well organised and the authorities have reported there was no trouble. I myself watched the charity march and I think it was a family friendly event.

More to the point, regardless of religion, colour or creed, the money raised by this event will help children and their families and we should remember this is more important than any narrow-minded views.

Well done to all who participated. I will be writing to my MP/MSP to inform them how well the day went, and our charities need more days like these to raise money. – Yours etc.,


Torbrex Road,

North Carbrain

Thank you

Sir, – My husband and I would like to say a big thank you to the Asda delivery driver who helped our son after he was chased and threatened by a much older boy in Condorrat on Friday night.

The driver witnessed this and told our son to get into his van and drove around the block until the boy left. He then waited with our son until my husband arrived to pick him up. This was very much appreciated, glad there are still people willing to get involved.


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